A Snack Break Point between Development and Operations.

DevOps practices can be applied to any process that results in an artifact in an effort to optimize both the process and the quality of the artifact it produces. This is true for software, infrastructure, and cookies, among other things.

I started cookieOps with my kids less than a year ago by putting out a survey on configuration management. I hired my kids to bake and ship cookies to anyone that filled out a survey. They originally wanted to set up a lemonade stand, but having spent multiple weekends dying in the summer heat trying to sell lemonade myself while growing up I was concerned the lesson they would learn is that hard work doesn't pay off.

While I didn't think we'd get any responses to the survey I posted (it was pretty basic) we ended up shipping over a hundred cookies to several states and even a few different countries. We've been studying WIP, manufacturing processes, supply chains and distribution as we go along. My kids even learned enough CSS and HTML to build a basic website for their snack company, which we named Gemini Snacks, as they're twins.

We use devOps principles anytime we can define an artifact at the end of a process. Under a time crunch I used kanban and agile to build them new loft beds while roasting a turkey for a holiday party. We needed both done or I was going to end up disappointing my in-laws or my children. We also used self organizing strategies and team building practices for their soccer team the past two seasons. Our first season ended 5-5 (we finally got in sync about half way through) and we ended this past season 7-2-1. The biggest win is how well all the teammates got along and how much fun we had together.

We've decided to close all the surveys for now but that isn't a permanent decision. Summer has led us to kick off our fish garden since it's the right weather for it, and I'm hoping it eventually develops into continuous delivery of fish and vegetables. We're also brushing up on JavaScript over the next few months. This will be new to my children but I'm sure I'll learn some new tricks as we progress through the material. We'll be posting more pictures, videos, and articles on all of these topics between now and the start of Fall.

The cookie production runs are fun from the baking assembly line to the package design, but at the moment we've got a backlog of content to get up and are going to focus on getting it published. When the weather cools off we're hoping to shift from plants back to baking. Be sure to follow us on Twitter if you'd like to keep tabs on what we're doing. If you could really use some cookies in the mail for a pick me up just ask. Getting stuff in the mail is as fun as sending it, we're just not pushing any surveys at the moment.